Friday, March 28, 2014

Khawakee Veg Menu

Khawakee Veg Menu -
Matar Usal, Matar Paneer, Alu Matar, Raajma Masala, Matki Usal, Chhole Masala, Palak Paneer, Veg Kurma...

All dishes with home-made taste.
Prepared fresh on order only.

Enjoy eating :-)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Holi full of Poli's...

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Today's Indian Express - Pune Newsline, Page 5

...The festive season is always a hectic time for these women. Therefore, Sharmishtha Gupte (founder of Khawakee Food Products), also known for her homemade sweets, says she requires her clients to place orders at least a week in advance. "I am also making puran polis this time. We make the puran, which is the filling, two days before the delivery day and make polis on the day when the delivery is scheduled for. My speciality is that we use 90 per cent jaggery and 10 per cent sugar. The sugar is added only so that the jaggery takes on a beautiful golden shade," says Gupte, adding that she stuffs a lot of puran and makes thin layers for the polis so that customers can enjoy the taste of jaggery.

Gupte also adds nutmeg and cardamom to enrich the flavours. Speaking for women like her who sell homemade sweets, Gupte says, "Anything bought straight from the market will be dry and the filling will be very less. Puran polis particularly are usually dry and white when we buy them off the shelf. But puran should be golden brown and wet. This is also one way to find out if they are fresh or not."

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Eco-friendly packaging

Khawakee’s packaging goes eco-friendly…
Aligning with PMC’s drive to curb use of plastic carry bags,
Khawakee replaces carry bags with handmade paper bags!