Saturday, May 30, 2020

Idli Snacks

Some people love to have idli anytime and in any form, few simply hate it as idli does not have any taste as such. It goes well with traditional supplements like sambar or chutney.

Today I tried a new dish using steamed Idli as the base and loved the way it tastes. It's a good option for breakfast if you have idli dough ready at home.

Steam the idli and cut it in small pieces. Spread green chilly and coriander chutney over it. Sprinkle some chat masala and grounded sugar over it.

Cut fresh coriander and spread it over the idli pieces. Now heat the small kadhai and put one tablespoon of butter in it. Put some jeera and mustard and let it sputter. Add a pinch of hing and green chilies in it. Pour all hot contents on the idli base in the kadhai and it's ready to serve!