Sunday, May 18, 2014

We make what we're best at!

Customer: Hello, is it Khawakee?

Khawakee: Yes, what would you like to order ma'am?

Customer: Actually, I was searching for Maharashtrian sweets online and found your website. I must say that's a wonderful discovery for food lovers like me.

Khawakee: Thank you, ma'am! So you already got our product details and rates.

Customer: Yes, and their photographs, too. And I believe those are actual products made by you...

Khawakee: Yes, all of them are our own products.

Customer: Nice! So I would like to order some of your festival food items. I got their rates per kg. Can I get them in half a kg or such quantity?

Khawakee: Yes, all festival food items are available in multiples of 250 grams.

Customer: Ok, then I'll decide which items I want. And I'll submit your online order form. Is that okay?

Khawakee: Yes, sure! Please mention expected delivery date and your detailed address. We would schedule your delivery accordingly.

Customer: Oh, good! Can I pay online on your website?

Khawakee: Not as of now. But we're okay with cash on delivery.

Customer: Cool! By the way, I'm from Kerala and I've been living in Pune since quite long now. I love to cook and I make awesome Keralite sweets. But now I've also grown fond of Maharashtrian sweets, like Laddu, Karanji, Shankarpali and all. But I'm not so good at making them. That's why I keep looking for these items every now and then. Glad that I found Khawakee that makes them throughout the year.

Khawakee: Thanks Ma'am!

Customer: By any chance, do you prepare any of the South Indian or Bengali type of sweets?

Khawakee: No ma'am! We make what we're best at.

Customer: Oh, that's perfect! So I'll finalize my order by tonight. Thank you very much!

Khawakee: Thank you! Enjoy eating...