Saturday, July 24, 2021

Khawakee Kheema Patties

Have you tried this?

Khawakee Mutton Kheema Patties

Full of Kheema.. Milega Aur Kahi Na!

Have it for breakfast / lunch / dinner...
Call / Whatsapp 9552580321 for order!

Mutton Kheema Patties @ Rs.1,000/dozen

Also available -
Veg Matar Patties @ Rs.600/dozen

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Khawakee Menu Updated

लॉकडाऊन.. निर्बंध...
हे बंद.. ते बंद...
सगळ्याशी जुळवून घेत
नवा मेनू नवीन वेळ
चिकन मटण आणि फिश
खिमा पॅटीस.. थालीपीठ
पोळी मोदक लाडू चिवडा
लंच डिनर ऑर्डर करा!

आता सकाळी ११ ते संध्याकाळी ६ पर्यंत
टेकअवे / डिलिव्हरीसाठी...
खावाकी 9552580321


Sunday, July 4, 2021

Khawakee Chicken Biryani


    Chicken Biryani is the best option for a single course meal. It can of course go well with the full course meal; however, one can also satiate the hunger as well as satisfy the taste buds with a single dish, that is Chicken Biryani.

    While there are numerous versions of Biryani's being cooked and served across India and abroad, each version has its own authenticity and peculiarity that will make you think of and crave for it again and again.

    The Chicken Biryani prepared at Khawakee has been loved and appreciated by hundreds of customers over the last ten years. It is made with our own homemade spices (CKP Masala), premium quality rice, fresh chicken, and refined oil, with a hint of pure ghee that adds a different flavour to the final product. The rice and the chicken are used in equal quantity, ensuring that it fills up the plate and fulfills the stomach.

    For the best experience of authentic Chicken Biryani, we prepare it mostly on advance order only. Be it a small gathering at home, a potluck party at office, or just another family lunch or dinner, Khawakee Chicken Biryani will add true colours and taste to your menu.

    Do call us now and order a great dish for your next meal. Khawakee - 9552580321