Saturday, December 18, 2010

CKP Special Food Items

Now you can select from various special food items available at Khawakee. You can also order specific items as per your need. The latest rates are mentioned in the chart below:

Please visit our website for latest menu and rates:

Vegetarian Menu Full Half

(serves 9-10) (serves 4-5)
- Waal Birde - -
- Birde Khichadi - -
- Masoor Aamti - -
- Muttor Usal - -
(Green/Red Masala)

- Solkadhi - -
- Aluchi Wadi - -
- Kothimbir Wadi - -
- Chapati - -
- Konkani Wade - -

Chicken Menu Full Half

(serves 7-8) (serves 3-4)
- Chicken Masala - -
- Chicken Curry - -

Mutton Menu Full Half

(serves 7-8) (serves 3-4)
- Mutton Masala - -
- Mutton Curry - -
- Kheema Masala - -
- Kheema Muttor Masala - -

Sea Food Menu Full Half

(serves 7-8) (serves 3-4)
- Sode Khichadi - -
- Prawns Masala - -
- Prawns Curry - -
- Fish Fry - -
(Promplet, Surmai, Halwa)

- Fish Curry - -
(Promplet, Surmai, Halwa)

- Crabs Curry - -
- Crabs Masala - -

Remember FREE Home Delivery across entire Pune city!

Enjoy Eating,
Khawakee Team

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Helping Grandma" - a short story

“We want pizza, we want pizza,” children were screaming and jumping around. Grandma was on the verge of losing this battle of Pizza Vs PuranPoli. For quite some time, she was trying to convince the children to have PuranPoli's instead of Pizza.

“Don't start that 'our culture - their culture' thing again, Grandma,” the eldest of them, Neha said.
“Yes, we don't want to try anything just because it's our traditional food,” added Siddharth.
“You are confusing issues, kids,” Grandma was struggling hard, “I am just asking you to try this item once. Not because of tradition, but for a change, it's worth trying!”
“But we want pizza, we want pizza,” the youngest one, Atharv found this shouting part most interesting.
“Look kids, I am not saying pizza is bad or puranpoli is better. I am just saying that you children should taste different foods. Why not try something which is really yummy and traditional, too?” Grandma's diplomacy!
“But we have never tried that before. How could we like it?” asked Neha.
“That's exactly my point!” Grandma exclaimed, “If you don't try it, how will you like it?”
“But we want pizza, we want pizza,” Atharv continued.
“Shut up, Atharv,” Neha said, “Grandma has a point.”
“Hmm, we should give it a try, what say?” Siddharth added. Grandma grinned.
“Grandma, give us a moment. Siddharth, Atharv, come, let's decide!” Neha took the lead.

Grandma's grin expanded. Looking at her grandchildren having serious discussion, she slipped into fond memories of various delicacies she used to have. She remembered how all relatives and family-friends used to appreciate her cooking. Grandpa used to call her 'Annapurna' (meaning bestower of food). Throughout the year, the whole family used to celebrate different festivals through cooking delicious food items. Any good news or happenings were communicated through different types of sweets. Any homely parties and celebrations were incomplete without homemade spicy and tasty meal. On any occasion...

“We want poli, we want poli.” Grandma looked at the group. The children were approaching her, with Atharv shouting again, this time for poli, not pizza.
“Grandma,” Siddharth said, “we all have decided to try puranpoli's today. You win!”
“Hurray,” Grandma joined the screaming group. This was the best part - one wins, all celebrate!

“What's happening?” came in Swati (Neha and Atharv's mom). Everybody stopped and looked at Grandma.
“Oh Swati, good that you are here. I won the bet! You owe me a treat now,” said Grandma.
The children looked at each other. This was surprise for them. What bet? What treat?
“So you could convince them on puranpoli's? I can't believe it!” Swati exclaimed.
“So that was a part of your bet, huh?” Siddharth and Neha turned to Grandma, who was grinning at her win.
“We want poli, we want poli,” Atharv continued.
“See, I win! I win!” Grandma was really happy.
“Ok, ok, you win. But what next? Who's going to prepare puranpoli's?” Swati mentioned the logical part first.
There was silence for a few moments. Then Grandma said, “I completely forgot about that. I used to prepare 100 poli's in a day. But can't prepare so many of them now.”
“Nor do I,” Swati confessed, “I am not so good at that.”
“Now what?” Siddharth and Neha were puzzled.
“We want poli, we want poli,” Atharv continued.
“Grandma, this is not fair,” Neha said, “you won the bet with mom. Now serve us poli's or accept you lose!”
“Wow, that's a turning point!” Swati exclaimed.
“Wait, wait,” Grandma was not easily defeated, “let me try something.”

The children and Swati waited while Grandma spoke on the phone.
“Hello, Shalini?”
“Yes, how are you, Nalini?”
“I'm fine, but not very fine. Need your help.”
“Why, what happened? Everything ok?”
“Don't worry, not that serious. Actually, I won a bet with my daughter-in-law, but seems to lose it now,” and she narrated what happened in the house.
“Ohh, ha ha ha,” came the reply, “you are so funny, Nalini.”
“Come on, don't make fun of me now. I need your help.”
“Ok, ok. I had similar situation last week and didn't know what to do. But somehow I could get the solution.”
“And what's that?”
“Khawakee, that's the solution.”
“You are making fun of me, ain't you? Please help me seriously.”
“Yes, I am serious. I got this from somewhere last week. Khawakee delivers fresh puranpoli's at your doorstep.”
“Really? Like they deliver pizza?”
“Absolutely! And it's yummy, tasty, and homely!”
“Can't believe it! The kids would be amused. Give me their contact number.”

When Grandma told the children that she has ordered puranpoli's on the phone, they didn't believe her. Not even Swati!
“How's that possible?” asked Neha, “that's not pizza, Grandma.”
“Wait and watch,” Grandma said.
“Your friend must have joked with you,” Swati guessed.
“Just wait and watch.”
“We want poli, we want poli,” Atharv was at his best. Grandma drew him closer and said, “Just wait for some time, dear!”

Ding-Dong! The bell rang and everybody ran to the door. Swati couldn't believe her eyes. She was holding neatly packed, fresh puranpoli's and the children were jumping around her to get their share.

Grandma closed the door behind her, stared at her happy family, remembered her good old days, and muttered, “Thanks, Khawakee!”

'खावाकी' पुरणपोळी

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Dassehra !!

Wonderful People Deserve
Wonderful Food |
Let Wonderful Food Keep
Everybody Good ||

Enjoy Eating,
Khawakee Team

विजयादशमीच्या शुभेच्छा !!

सोन्यासारख्या माणसांसाठी
सोन्यासारखा खाऊ ।
सोन्यासारखा खाऊ खाऊन
सोन्यासारखं राहू ॥

- 'खावाकी' कडून

Friday, October 15, 2010

Festival Food Items!!!

With Seven days (or nights) out of Nine (Navaratri) already over, Dassehra just around the corner, and the Grand Diwali Festival fast approaching, we are getting ready to serve food-lovers across the city. Here is a ready reference for you -

Diwali Faral Items that you can order online:
1. Khajachi Karanji
2. Besan Ladu
3. Bhajanichi Chakli
4. Kadboli
5. Lasun Shev
6. Regular Shev
7. Chiwda - Patalpoha
8. Chiwda - Diet
9. Chiwda - Pravasi
10. Chiwda - Special
11. Naralachi Karanji
12. Shankarpali

Also, available on order:
13. Ukadiche Modak
14. Puran Poli

For further details/queries/enquiries, do write us at or give us a call.

Enjoy Eating,
Khawakee Team

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Launching Website

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Shaktirupen Sansthita |
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah ||

With the auspicious arrival of Goddess Durga, we are excited to declare launch of our new website -

Get the feel of refreshing festival season, with mouth watering festival food items at Khawakee. You can now check item-wise details and rates before placing your order.

So what are you waiting for? Get delicious festival food at your doorstep, anywhere in Pune...

Kyonki, Khanewalon ko khane ka bahana chahiye... :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

We all love celebrations, and look forward to opportunities of celebrating throughout the year. This time of the year - from August to December - is loaded with various types of festivals. Especially, Maharashtrian festivals, starting in month of Shravan and running through grand Diwali celebrations, are incomplete without food. Let it be Puran Poli, Ladoo, Chiwda, Chakli, Bakarwadi, etc etc, all delicacies are prepared, served, distributed, and enjoyed with love and fun.

Catching up with this celebration fever, we started out with supply of the most favorite Maharashtrian item - Puran Poli. Yes, we are the guys behind After several Pune foodies have received our e-mails, and many of you even ordered and tasted our Puran Poli's, we are now officially launching our venture, “Khawakee”.

What is special with Khawakee?
- To start with, we have picked up the most difficult to cook item, Puran Poli. Product details are given below, but you have to taste it once before you believe our words!
- You can order Puran Poli's through e-mail or phone, and get them delivered at your doorstep, at your convenient time.
- No minimum order limit for free home delivery. You can order 2,4,10,30, whatever number of packs you need. We are covering many locations in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad now.
- Our Puran Poli's come in packs of two each, @ Rs.30 per pack.
- For curious and curiouser, our Puran Poli weighs approx 120gms, is made of wheat flour, jaggery with flavor of Nutmeg (jaayfal) and Cardamom (ilaaychi).

We will be supplying many more festival special food items, so keep in touch with us at – or

P.S. - For those wondering what Khawakee means, some other time, guys! Have to prepare some Puran Poli's now, we know how much you all love food :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Khawakee - Love of Eating!

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” - Pavarotti

Very true, isn't it? When it comes to eating, can you imagine doing anything else? More philosophically, can you imagine life without eating? No, it's not just about starving. We believe that eating is not just a necessity; it's also a way of celebrating life!

“If man ate only to fulfill his hunger, he wouldn't have built kitchens!”

Have you ever wondered? If eating was a necessity – for all living beings, why none of the animals or birds have kitchens? If they can eat whatever they can as it is, why can't man do it? He can, but he doesn't. Doesn't it prove that man thinks of eating as something beyond necessity?

Not only does man (and woman, too) loves to eat, but also spends huge amount of time thinking about it. Let it be recipes, calories, taste, feast, or even research on eating habits. Found this funny research result somewhere -

“French people eat until they're full, Americans eat until the food's gone”

(Ha ha! Now we know why French people are skinnier than Americans, despite the chocolate, wine, cheese, and pastry.)

Jokes apart, what do we really feel about eating? How much importance do we give to eating, in our routine life? What decides our eating habits? No no, we are not conducting any survey here. This is just to provoke your thoughts and encourage eating :) Because eating is our source of inspiration, both physically and mentally. Let's connect through this most common love of our life – food!

Watch out this place for more thoughts and updates about eating.

Enjoy Eating,
Khawakee Team