Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Khawakee Review by Varada

Please check this review by @foodie_varada -

Khawakee..... @khawakee.2010 It’s a food joint where they serve homemade Maharashtrian style specifically CKP style food items.

All there food items are homemade using their own homemade masalas. Each and every food item they have is extremely delicious. They have some unique items in their menu too.

I received a meal from them which consisted of -

Cheese corn bomb (appetizer)- very cheesy and good in size.

Paneer dita (appetizer) - One of my favorite appetizer as it was marinated with their secret masala and then deep fried. It was dam good.. A must try for all paneer lovers.

Paneer butter masala - Completely homemade feel with unique gravy. Very good quantity.

Chicken biryani - Huge quantity in one plate which would be good for 2 people. They had their own unique biryani masala which was super yummy. It had very nice flavor of mint and spices. On top fried cashews. Extremely flavorful. (Highly recommended)

They are available on Swiggy and zomato as well.

Do check out their menu once and try their amazing variety of food!!

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