Sunday, November 1, 2020

Tasty bhi aur Healthy bhi...


Tasty bhi aur Healthy bhi

    We all love tasty food. But is it possible to consume our favourite delicacies without feeling guilty? Rather than advise us on what foods to avoid, the famous nutritionist, weight management consultant, and health writer Kavita Devgan tells us what we need to eat to correct the hormonal imbalances.

    This Pune Mirror article from October 29, 2020 provides some important tips from Kavita Devgan's book - 'Fix It With Food: Super Foods to Become Super Healthy'. The article mentions the following condiments to stick by…

1. Carom Seeds (Ova in Marathi)

- Absorbs food better.

2. Asafoetida (Hing in Marathi)

- A natural blood thinner; lowers blood pressure.

3. Cumin Seeds (Jeera in Marathi)

- Good Source of iron.

4. Curry Leaves (Kadipatta in Marathi)

- Controls blood sugar levels.

5. Fenugreek (Methi in Marathi)

- Balances blood sugar in diabetics.

6. Garlic (Lasoon in Marathi)

- Reduces cholesterol.

7. Ginger (Aale in Marathi)

- Boosts immune system.

    Proud and happy to mention that we, at Khawakee use all of these condiments in various delicacies we prepare on a daily and/or seasonal basis.

Enjoy eating,

Team Khawakee

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